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Potty Training Success!

After potty training two kiddos, that would make me an expert, right? Potty training my two girls has come with it challenges. I got it all down to 7 amazing tips that will help you as you start to potty train your little one.

Teaching my first daughter, Evalyn, when she was two years old was such a success! She potty trained a day after her 2nd birthday. Yes, you read that right. She potty trained in one day on the FIRST try! Now my second daughter, Anna, is 3 years old. A year older than what Evalyn was and had no interest in going to the toilet on her own.

When Anna turned three, I was determined to teach her. And she learned!

Mama, te quiero ayudar! (I want to help you). These 7 items were essential for me to get her interested and fully potty trained, at home and on the go!

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#1 Books on potty training

These books were essential just to spark an interest in going to the potty. We read them every chance we got. They were always part of our nightly reading routine. Daniel the Tiger was very interactive so that made it fun. Her favorite characters were learning to go to the potty so she was starting to take interest. We loved the following books:

potty learning book
Potty Time! Daniel Tiger
Go to Potty

#2 A potty, of course!

I ended up getting small toilet that was easy to clean. Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat , with a bowl that removes for quick and easy cleanup. I have three kiddos and my youngest still requires my attention even when I am potty training one of his oldest sister. So quick and easy is always my go to.

potty bowl

#3 Seventh Generation Botanical Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes

Seventh Generation Botanical Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes became my best friend! Like I mentioned before, I need quick and easy. I have to quickly clean up after her pee attempt before little brother wants to go play with it! #momlife

With these wipes, I knew I was getting disinfecting everything and it was safe to have around my kiddos. I used them on the training toilet, on the floor, and on the big toilet, or where ever she had an accident. It's all natural ingredients so I use these everywhere in my home to clean.


#4 Potty Fun Watch

When we were trying to get her on a routine of when to go, I looked into the Potty Fun Watch. I was fun for her to have her own watch in her hand. Every time she heard the chyme, she knew it was time to go potty. She would run to bathroom.

Each Potty Fun Gadget has a fun, theme-based timer to help your little one remember and want to go potty. After counting down from selected interval (30, 60 or 90) minutes, the Potty Fun lights, and play a theme-based message or song reminding your child it is time to potty. There are a number of options depending on what might work best with your little one’s personality. You can choose a theme-based Potty Fun Gadget, or one that simply plays a song. Check them out at;


potty fun watch (1).jpg
potty fun blue
potty fun pink
potty fun green

#5 Prizes!!

Yes! Reward your little one for going to the bathroom. Sweets for us was not an option. For Anna, we rewarded her by being able to wear her princess tutu dress. We have ballerina tutus and princess dresses that she loves to wear. Every time she successfully went to the potty she got to put on a dress/tutu.

Sweets can be an option for you but here are some none sweets ideas:

potty reward
mess free colors
mess free color papers

#6 Travel Potty Trainer

Some mamas, spend a whole week or weekend locked indoors to make sure kiddo is fully potty trained. That’s kind of impossible for a mama of three. Even with one kiddo, I think you would go mad, staying in the same place for a few days.

Every time we went out, we took our portable toilet, Kalencom Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty Trainer Seat. This is a MUST even after they are fully potty trained. You take it with you on the go. (This came in handy at Disneyland, no waiting in those long bathroom lines). Use this where ever there's no bathroom or when they just really got to go! LOVE IT!

It's so handy. You can use it as a portable toilet. You get the seat liners to go with the potty. When they go, you just discard! No extra cleaning . #momwin

travel potty (1).jpg
travel potty
potty liners

#7 Patience!

Now, this one is a MUST. Mama, you got this! It’s going to take a lot of patience to get your little one going to the toilet on their own. Yes, there will be accidents: peeing in pants, pee on the floor, and other stinky surprises. Children will feed from you energy. So stay calm, relax and be encouraging.

It took me two weeks to potty trained Anna. Yes you read that right, two weeks!! I didn’t want to force something she was not ready to do on her own. With everything that was presented to her, she slowly got the hang of things and was very excited to go to the toilet on her own.

I hope these tips/ideas will help you out as you begin your journey of potty training.

Let me know if these helped you out or if you have any other ideas to add.