The Ultimate Diaper: The Nest Diapers

I found the perfect diapers!

My three kiddos were born very different. Each was born with a condition, if any. My two youngest, Anna and Francisco, were born with a mild form of eczema. Eczema is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy, very common in babies. Along with that, Francisco was born with diaper allergy. I noticed he became very sensitive and turned really red in his diaper area. I came to figure out he had a diaper allergy. With the eczema and diaper allergy, now I know I have to be cautious of what I put on his skin. The wrong product can cause an ugly rash that then makes my little one uncomfortable that then makes him irritable, which leads to driving this mama crazy! A crazy mama with three kiddos is not good!


One of the products I had to be careful with him was of course the diapers. Disposable diapers are very convenient for me. Unfortunately with Francisco having a diaper allergy I had to find the right diaper for him. A diaper allergy doesn’t mean he’s allergic to the whole diaper but just components that make up the diaper. The absorbent gel in many diapers is a common cause of allergic reactions. Some babies are allergic to dyes and fragrances contained in some diapers, which also doesn’t help with his eczema.

Lotions, body wash, laundry detergent, sunscreens and diapers, to name of few things, have to be hypoallergenic, non fragrance and natural. Anything with chemicals can cause an uncomfortable reaction. Initially, I was having a hard time finding the right diaper for the two little ones (before potty training Anna). Francisco is still in diapers and I was looking for a very good chemical free, natural diaper. Some all natural diapers are to flimsy. They weren’t very absorbent. Seemed like I was wrapping him up in paper!


Well, I FINALLY FOUND THEM!! The perfect diaper for Francisco. They are Nest diapers! Wow! These diapers are made from plant based sustainable material. Very natural! Most importantly for me, very absorbing. My little boy wakes up dry, with no leakage from the diaper. Ever since using these diapers he’s been reaction-free! His little bum has been so happy which makes for a happy mom.

Another plus side, I don’t feel guilty about adding to my carbon footprint. Why? Because Nest diapers are designed to degrade. What?!! You read that right. These diapers are designed to degrade when brought to a commercial composter. Click on the link to find the closest composter. I don’t feel guilty of the diapers I use staying in landfills for years.

My little man will soon be potty trained (The nest is also coming up with training pants, woohoo!) but until then I know I have him in the best quality natural diapers out there.

Any mama with kiddos in diapers knows, buying diapers must be easy. Guess what?! The Nest makes it easy. You can easily buy from their website. They give you three options, buy the case (over 100 diapers), the bag, or samples. Yes! You can order samples to try them out and see if you will LOVE them just as much as we do. I buy mine by the case. I am happy that I gave Nest Diapers a try. Now my little man has diapers he is so comfortable in.

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