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Underwood Farm Adventure

My family and I had the pleasure spending some quality family time at Underwood family farm in Moorpark. To say that we all had a blast is an understatement.

It was a 45 minute drive out of LA, so hubby and I really had to plan it out. It was all worth it!

This cute family farm was one of the funnest places my family and I have been to. With so many things to offer, the kiddos has so many fun doing most of the activities.


There’s a low entrance fee for anyone 2 years old and older ($8 on weekends and cheaper during the week, at the time of this blog post). They offer free activities and others you have to purchase tickets for. For you mamas with babies, they offer a nursing room with changing stations. It’s very private so you could have that quiet time while nursing. I loved that this room isn’t connected or near the restrooms as many places do so. Speaking of restrooms, there are porta-potties all around the farm with hand washing stations. Plus we took our own handy portable potty we have. Kiddos didn’t mind it nor did I. We were having too much fun with everything they offered.


Free activities include:

  • Kids play area

  • Animal show

  • Tractor slide

  • Wooden train structure play

  • Animal viewing (give animal treats for .25 cents)

  • Puppet show

  • Tractor ride to the crop fields

  • Chicken coop

Activities you pay for:

Most require tickets $1=1 ticket. Activities range from 3-5 tickets.

  • Petting zoo

  • Bounce house

  • Mineral finding activity

  • Pony rides

  • Electric train ride

The actual crop picking is free but you pay for what you pick. You pay per pound of whatever crop is in season. We had the pleasure to crop raspberries and blackberries. Check out the video below highlighting some of the activities we had the pleasure doing.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 7.08.14 AM.png

We look forward to going to underwood family farm again!

More Information on Underwood Farm.

3370 Sunset Valley Rd

Moorpark, CA 93021